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张洪有一兄长,人亲切唤之“老张”,年岁稍长,模样跟张洪酷似,而追求美食原味的决心有过之而无不及,千里迢迢到各地去,为的就是寻找多年逐渐消失的纯朴美味,古早味中带巧思,如虾丝卷、 番婆饼 、天然龙眼蜜等,纳入張家莊名产之一,回味乡土情怀。。。





Let's embark on a journey to discover the lost treasure of Nanyang Chinese cuisine.

By using a time reverse magic, Master Cheong Hoong unveiled one by one the culinary delights of the old Nanyang famed delicacies. It is like climbing the pagoda level by level slowly savouring the moment. One by the one, these tidbits transport you back to the reminiscence of the old times long gone…This is how it all begins…


Cheong Hoong and Lao Zhang Ji is a family

Zhang Village - Place that unites all family members


Master Cheong – Cheong Hoong, Chinese immigrant, a 50-plus-year-old uncle nicknamed lovely Weird Old Perfectionist. With glowing eyes and a refined sense of smell and taste, he went on a culinary adventure within the country to abroad to find original culinary delights of olden days. 


One day he has found the premium quality of Bentong Highland Ginger and since then, is a never ending road for Master Cheong to search more what he can do from the ginger. Bentong Highland Ginger is an unique Malaysian specialty that is only available in Pahang Mountains. Due to the influence of soil and climate, the ginger produced here has a higher content of 6-gingerol, which means that it is more effective for the human body, and its flavor is stronger than other ginger in terms of pungency, aroma, fragrance and spiciness.


With over 80 different products made from different kind of ginger, Master Cheong personally involved in the research and development, and each product is made under the supervision of Master Cheong. He hope to bring the unique heat from different ginger and health benefits to everyone.


We hope that Cheong Hoong's products will able to become a unique souvenir in Malaysia, and that more people will be able to taste the charm of different type of ginger to become healthier.




Introduction of Old Cheong

Cheong Hoong has a brother, fondly called "Old Cheong", slightly older but the strong family resemblance with Cheong Hoong proclaims his identify. His passion and heart for excellent food is as strong as his brother's. As such, he has travelled far abroad to seek for yesteryears rapidly disappearing simple and traditional flavours.